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Cloud Clips Changing Densities in Artisan ACAD/BricsCAD

Artisan User: Can I change planting density and reflect this across my design?

Another client request landed earlier this month, straight from a long-term user of ArtisanACAD (but also applies to Artisan BricsCAD users).  The beauty of our tight-knit responsive team is that these kind of customer queries can be responded to quickly – and comprehensively. And we’ve created a Cloud Tip video for them and all other users to show them how.

Modifying planting densities in CAD

The CloudScapes development and technical teams responded directly: YES.  Supporting and developing, not just in its latest add-on for REVIT ArtisanRV, the team’s depth and understanding of the key drivers behind successful, manageable, adaptable landscape design has been moving the development of landscape design software, specifically with planting in mind, for over 27 years.

Editing Tools

It is simple to create planting – single, area or linear – and modify using CloudScapes Editing tools.  Beyond these, the real power punch comes within the Plant Browser, allowing the user free rein in interrogating, analysing, adding and modifying plant information.

Automatically update labels

Managing the modifications is straightforward too. These automatically filter through your planting designs, updating label/tag annotations, synchronising with reports and schedules and freeing up more of your time for the actual landscape design itself.

Cloud Clips Changing Densities in Artisan ACAD/BricsCAD
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