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The Changing Landscape
Established in 1996, CloudScapes is the market-leader in the design and build of Cloud-based landscape software solutions for planting, softworks and hard landscape design. Developing plug-in tools to enable BIM delivery and collaboration, CloudScapes leads the way in 2D and 3D visual planting families, fuelled by powerful data in plans and schedules for landscape professionals in architecture, construction and engineering.

Based in Nottingham, we work with a diverse spectrum of businesses and industries across the UK and worldwide. Our global reach includes practices in the US, EMEA and APAC; landscape architects, BIM specialists and design professionals.
BIM and Collaborative Design
Landscape professionals are at the forefront of design and developments focused on Biodiversity Net Gain, striving towards a carbon neutral future and more sustainable environments on all public, commercial and domestic developments.

Architecture, engineering, construction and operations industries are driving a digital transformation, with Building Information Modelling (BIM) pushing boundaries at every level. CloudScapes empowers landscape professionals with the tools to benefit from and collaborate in a better design, specification and project delivery workflow.
Changing Landscape Design
Established in1996, CloudScapes is a market-leader in the design and build of Cloud-based landscape software solutions - catering to the vast range of industries across construction, architecture, engineering and operation. Our home in the heart of Nottingham, the capital of the East Midlands, positions us perfectly to work with a broad range of businesses and industries across the UK and abroad in order to meet their needs and collaborate on successful creative landscape spaces. We produce powerful Cloud-based landscape design software, perfect for landscape architects, garden designers and design professionals, with many calling our suite of solutions the must-have design tool for any landscape professional.
Our Vision
- Empower landscape professionals with software tools to combat the threat of the climate and biodiversity emergencies

- Be the principal supplier of software solutions for the landscape and external works professionals

- Support a wide range of BIM stakeholders by delivering state-of-the-art, web integrated solutions for specifiers, suppliers, contractors and facilities managers

Protecting the environment
Landscape professionals continue to be at the forefront of the fight against the Climate Emergency and biodiversity loss, striving towards a carbon neutral future and more sustainable environments at all scales.

At the same time, the architecture, engineering, construction and operations industry is undergoing radical digital transformation and Building Information Modelling (BIM) continues to push boundaries and evolve how we see the world around us. Our software not only empowers landscape professionals with the tools to benefit from better design, specification and project delivery, but ensures that our futures are sustainable, clean and green.

Meet the team

Tim Calnan CMLI

Managing Director

Founder of CloudScapes, Tim knows landscape software inside out. His keen eye for detail, deep understanding of what businesses need in order to deliver well-informed external spaces and work to bring BIM to the forefront, make him a respected figure in landscape software and design.

Graham Cook

CAD & Revit App Developer

Graham provides dedicated support and development services across the CloudScapes suite of software products. He plays a crucial role in the development of innovative BIM and Revit solutions alongside traditional CAD and supports their seamless integration with a range of services delivered via the Cloud.

Tony Norcross

Web Systems Developer

Tony is the mind behind our Cloud suite of software solutions. He supports and develops our client-facing interfaces and back-office systems and databases. His 20+ years of experience in information technology have been mainly focused on web development, but his in-depth knowhow of the design industry is invaluable to CloudScapes and the wider team.

Lynn Hunter

Marketing Communications

Lynn translates technical information from across our team, transforming it into clear, relevant and useful digital content for all of our audiences and channels. Lynn has over 30 years of marketing expertise within horticultural and landscape industries, making her the perfect person to promote CloudScapes to the wider world.

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