Why choose the add-on RV for Revit?

Shaping and embracing a landscape design within a Revit environment has its challenges.  Whilst some modules and add-ons promise “landscape solutions”, these often amount to nothing more than terrain modellers, with little to no consideration of plants and trees. 

Linear planting, areas, woodland mixes; hedging lines; tree canopies; root systems: there’s a Revit add-on that combines strong visualisation with 2D and 3D views, schedules and real-time data at every click – and that is ArtisanRV for Revit.

Rise up from flat 2D landscapes

In 2023, it might be surprising that digital landscape design is not always ahead of the curve. Incorporating landscape with other design disciplines such as architecture, structural engineering, and geographic information systems is a daunting and limited prospect in a 2D, CAD-only environment.

Working in a flat 2D model restricts data evaluation, collaboration and the ability to collaborate.  This leads to lengthy delivery times, inaccuracies and non-measurable results.  Takeoffs based on 2D drawings are not only an ineffective waste of time, but a costly and poor use of resources.  Some landscape designers may be clinging to 2D, but others are realising that to design in Revit, with a BIM mindset, will set their landscapes free.

Dynamic and powerful

With an established user base and new trialists joining its community in their hundreds across the landscape design arena, ArtisanRV stands out in its appeal to those envisioning soft landscapes and planting plans.  The ability to add single, multiple, linear, area, specimen and tree planting to topographies from comprehensive detailed planting libraries is, on its own, a huge benefit.  But when the planting information can be shown in 2D and 3D visual modes, with plan and schedule views dynamically updating as the design develops, planting models are brought to life on the screen, creating powerful and persuasive visual presentations.

Visual and data-rich

Not just a pretty face, an RV-enabled landscape design has real-time, accurate data behind every click. Try different scenarios and detect potential clashes with structural or underground services.  Select a 2D or 3D view for visualisation and presentation, allowing real-time evaluation of these scenarios to assist in the landscape decision-making process. Output and report; share and collaborate throughout the supply chain – all in a BIM-enabled environment.

Collaborative and customisable

Feature-rich, ArtisanRV has a simple ribbon menu with options to be toggled and tailored to ensure workflows are integrated and transitions are smooth. The Plant Palette and library of soft and hard landscaping elements have a high level of detail per object which can be customised and updated in your designs, instantly.

Its cloud-based platform allows for the most complex multi-faceted, data-rich landscape designs without slowing down your local network resources.

Its outputs, interfaces and reports are BIM-ready – meaning data sharing, comparison and collaboration is smooth, pinpoint and standardised.

Supported and ahead of the game

Clearly, ArtisanRV is the must-have add-on for Revit that will bring your landscape design to the BIM party.  But it is not just the software itself that is the game changer – it is the team behind it and the technical support they offer.  In 2022, CloudScapes introduced over 30 new features, working with users and trialists across the world who have been taking their BIM for landscape journeys with ArtisanRV since its launch five years ago.

In 2023, the prospects are even more exciting.  Imagine coupling RV’s 3D models in Revit with real-time rendering software as the transition to virtual reality landscape design takes flight.  

Automation continues to be at the heart of RV with auto-generating reports freeing up time for designing and planning instead of repetitive admin.

Bringing  their Biodiversity Net Gain A game later this year, the CloudScapes tech team are developing key metric calculation tools to measure CO₂ coefficients too.

Try ArtisanRV for Revit today.  Pilot it on smaller projects, test your processes and record the results. And if there is an element you need along your journey, the CloudScapes team is open-minded and keen to hear your side of the BIM story – and how it can help you to deliver better landscape outcomes.

Start your ArtisanRV trial today. If you need any further support, then you can get in touch with our team for one-to-one advice. We’ll be more than happy to help.


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