New brand unveiled as CS Design transforms to CloudScapes

Following many months of consultancy and hard work, we’re excited to announce our new name and brand identity as we officially rebrand from CS Design to CloudScapes.

Established over three decades ago, CS Design has become a market-leader in landscape design technology. We develop market-leading AutoCAD and Revit solutions to support landscape architects, design professionals, local authorities and businesses all over the world to create fully informed built environments using the cloud. 

Thanks to its continued success, the business has become a key player within a global marketplace however after receiving little love in recent years, we felt that now seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring the brand up to date.

Our refreshed brand sees us introduce a new name and logo alongside an evolved colour palette, new typography and further subtle additions to modernise the brand. We’ve also developed a new website from the ground up, with a clearer focus on existing products and their benefits, new innovations and an improved user experience.

Our Managing Director Tim Calnan is delighted with the end result – especially because the values that have made CloudScapes so trusted by its customers over the last 30 years, very much remain.

“Behind the new name, identity and digital presence, we’re still the same team of developers delivering innovative products for our customers. Our ethos of empowering landscape professionals and giving them the tools they need to create and enhance the natural and built environment, still remains as important as ever – and I feel that our new brand continues to communicate this effectively,”

He continues, “For a long time, we’ve neglected our brand – concentrating on product development and ensuring that we continually hit the highest standards both from a technological and service perspective. We’re proud of our products and our team, both of which need continued love and investment, but we want our brand to be something we can be just as proud of,”

For Tim, remaining ahead of our competitors and being true to our own core values, is key to the continued success of CloudScapes. Moving forward, Tim is keen to place a greater emphasis on the brand and its marketing strategy in order to ensure that the business retains its competitive advantage.

“Our software is market-leading and we continue to go from strength to strength. The time has come to invest in our marketing to ensure we remain both attractive and competitive,”

“After looking at the brand with fresh eyes, we agreed that CS Design didn’t effectively communicate what we do to our target audience. Following a deep dive on the brand and a thorough interrogation of our business and our competitors, we have arrived at our new name – CloudScapes – which we feel works perfectly,”

“It encapsulates our strengths. Cloud refers to our cloud-based products, while Scapes covers the landscapes we’re helping our customers to transform. The new name uses the same initials as CS Design previously- so the CSD acronym continues!”

Get to know our refreshed brand in greater depth by exploring our new website – where you can find BIM explainer content, product information and topical blogs covering business updates and the latest trends from our industry.

If you have a product-related query, please get in touch with our team and we will be back in touch with you shortly.

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